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Morning Rituals

If you’re a Mama or Daddy, or in any way raising kids then you can relate to the “morning rituals”. perhaps though you’re a very hard-working Mama or Daddy, Grandparent or Guardian and this is just not something you have time for.

I was 21 when my oldest was born. I was newly married and did what I thought I was supposed to do. We played, had snacks, watched cartoons and had nap time. When my oldest was 1 1/2 yrs old I found myself going through a divorce and as a single mom now needed a job. I found a great career job in the insurance industry and now was a single working mom. “morning rituals” were non-existent. I didn’t have time.


When my oldest was 5 yrs old I found myself newly married this time to my best friend and as we were expecting our first, my second, he offered for me to quit working and be a stay at home mom. I’ve had my ups and downs with this role. I’ve had 3 babies all together when my oldest was 9 yrs, and the middle one 3 yrs we welcomed our last boy home.

Over the years with school and babies, depression and health problems I’ve tried my very best to be the best mom I could. When I look back to my first and see what I didn’t do it saddens me because I look now at my youngest and see what I’m still able to do. Time flies so fast you don’t realize till its gone.


I never had “morning rituals” with my oldest. He now as a freshman in High School and 16 yrs old wishes to live with his dad. I have my two younger ones to think of and we have these “morning rituals”.

I wake earlier than them so I can get the milk warmed up for hot coco with marshmallows too. I go get their clothes and lay them out on the couch. Turn the tv on to their fav toon, Spongebob. Go nussle them awake and grab blankets for them to snuggle in so they can enjoy a cup of coco with toons before their day starts. I make their lunches making sure to cut the crust off. I gather all their things and ready them by the door. Help them with their coats and off we go!


I could make them do it all themselves. Most do, I did with my first. I can’t help watching my babies grow so very fast though and think of how my teen doesn’t need me at all and wonder just how much longer I have with them as they need me for so much. I’m not going to look at it as another chore for me to do. I’m going to enjoy every moment and cherish it. One day all too soon they will be grown men and not need me for much. I think that’s when I’ll get a cat! For now though we will continue in our silly “morning rituals” and I will spoil them as much as possible!