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My Grams was one of my best friends. When she died my world shattered. Everythings changed and all the bad stuff I thought I had dealt with came slowly creeping back. I am just a stay at home mom of 3 boys, married to my best friend. We live out in the sticks of middle america with our parents on a good size piece of land just tryin to live life best we can. “Shit happens and you go on” was my Grams favorite thing to say. Her mother’s favorite was “if it can’t keep the sun from risin then it can’t be that bad”. Out of all the crap I’ve been delt with in this life I still focus on how it can always be worst and I’ve got it pretty good. I focus on the silver lining. I have faith in my Creator and am always searching for more knowledge. So this blog is just my rambling thoughts as they come to me, some questions, some memories, some ventings of all the crap.

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