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Every year I make three new years resolutions.



I make three because I figure if I at least follow through with one then I’m doing good. I never made resolutions before but since I’ve become a mother just in the last ten years or so I’ve started trying to make an effort to improve some things. In my family there is alot of “whoopla” over the new year and resolutions. Mostly negitive. However I’m always trying to make something possitive out of the negitive so since its ever been a stamp of negitivity I look forward to it most possitivly! In my best “Yoda” type voice I tell myself…



So this year as I’ve overcome some great feats of negitivity and depression in the last couple years I find myself leaning toward more spiritually organization along with my crafting, LOL. My cave is somewhat disorganized due to all the massive creating I’ve been doing. I can do this I tell myself over and over. I made my lists and even bought a new notebook. I’m taking on the “less is more” aproach in compleating my tasks. No lists that have lists or fancy apps to help me with it all. I’m just going to take one day at a time, one task at a time. Simply and calmly I’m going to do this!


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