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Socializing Can Be Very Unsocial

I remember when I got my first computer back in 2006. I know alot of people had them way before that but being a stay at home mommie out in the sticks, it took a while for our area to even get a good net connection. So happy and excited I was to finally be able to Myspace and email all my family and friends that I was unable to connect with other wise due to the babies I was raising or one thing or another that always came up. I can’t remember when it happened but like everyone else I found myself on Facebook and was in love with the site. I spent most of my time there. Chatting, playing games, reading what everyone was doing and just keeping up on things. I was able to find long lost friends, some that I didn’t have a connection with after all the years and then some that were even more of a connection now than back then. Family that was miles and states away were just a click away and that was neat.

Now for the bad part, FB turned into a huge stresser for me. I would read what everyone was doing locally and wonder why wasn’t I invited since I just live down the road? When asking them the reply would be “well I posted it on FB, didn’t you read it?” Chatting with some friends like they are your bestie then when you need them most they are busy, you find out later that they were busy with someone else. Family is to meet for a gathering and they say “sorry, were all sick” you then see the posts and pics of a lovely and fun time they had and only fained sickness to not be with you.

Facebook and just over all social networks I feel has left us all very unsocialble. I quit posting on my page for a week, then took another week to not comment or post a pic. No one noticed. I’ve cancled my page, deleted it completely and they only one’s that noticed were a handful of friends, not family.

I’m not having a pitty-party or upset in anyway. I realize that others may not be on FB as much and actually have lives where I was super addicted. My point was that did I become the unsocial one or are they?

I’m very thankful to be able to keep my Rambleing Mama page. Thank you to a good friend for that {{ hugs }}

I don’t know if I’ll go back to FB or not but I’m not going back anytime soon. I have engrossed my life for to many years on that site and realize there is so much more to life than staring at a screen for the rest of my life. I want to have visits over coffee or tea. I want to go to the park, go shopping, or let the kids play while we chat it up!

I’m thankful for social networks that help loved ones that are seperated to keep in touch, I’m thankful for being able to connect when I was down in my back and unable to get out. BUT…. we shouldn’t be so connected to the computer that we forget how to connect without it.